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St. peter’s roman catholic church design workshop 1 report

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We are happy and excited to inform everyone that we are now waiting for the first draft of the Schematic Design of our new St. Peter’s church. For the meantime, we are once again humbly appealing for your financial support. Two things: first – for those who have pledged but have not yet actually started donating please do so now. Second, for those who have not yet offered their pledges, please, we need your support. The archdiocese is just waiting for you to pledge in order to give us the signal to go ahead with the actual construction. Lastly, please know that the BANC committee members will make another intensive fund raising campaign, the moment the Schematic Design shall be finished. Thank you very much! God bless us all! – from the Parish Priest.

St. Peter's Architect

We are happy to announce that FT3 Architectures, (Friesen Tokar Architects) have been chosen as the architect to design our New St. Peter's Church.

Once again we once again, we need your unfailing support. If you have pledged but have not yet actually started donating either through direct deduction or through envelopes, please consider starting your donation now. This is a big and challenging project and we need you to be with us until we fulfill this would like to remind you that our common mission of BUILDING OUR NEW CHURCH is ongoing according to our timeframe. And mission that God has entrusted to us. To God  all the glory forever!

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Location:    Parcel “B” and “C” Plan 42897 Sec 23-11-2 at Inkster Boulevard and Brookside.


In the recent letter of Archbishop James Weisgerber, D.D. on the “House of Prayer of the Archdiocese”, he wrote,

“Our church buildings are important to us. They do not only provide us with our spiritual homes, but they are important reflections to the broader community of our faith life and often important community landmarks.”

By God’s grace and guidance, we believe that now is the time to build a new church for St. Peter’s parish. This has been planned years ago and we thank God for the people who had laid the foundation of this dream. By reasons of the growth of catholic population in the parish and the consequent needs and problems that arise, we strongly believe that now is the proper time to make the dream a reality. We believe that this is not a mere human dream, but it is God’s design.

Indeed the church as a house of prayer, temple of god manifest the faith of the people, and because God has given us the best of himself by sending us his only begotten son, we must therefore to God the best of our best.

The idea of building a bigger church for St. Peter’s parish has been existent for sometime now, thanks to the increase of parish memberships as new immigrants are coming in every year.   But it is only in the recent past that the momentum has picked up due primarily to the leadership of Msgr. Samson Jr. and the parish community who felt that the time is right for a bigger and functional church.

The following observations are the rationale why we build a new church:

  • The church is overcrowded which compromise the solemnity of the liturgy and threatens people’s health and safety.
  • There is a need for bigger worship area, baptismal place, and functional and real classrooms for catechism classes.
  • There is a need for seminar rooms, and offices for the different committees.
  • There is a need for more parking spaces.


In view of this, the parish commissioned Friesen Tokar Architects on July of 2009 to undertake an analysis to identify and develop long term options and strategies. The following are their findings:


1.    The existing structure would not support the imposed loads of a second storey development. To expand vertically would require extensive structural modification.

2.    The worship space has not been designed to accommodate expansion and therefore it would be necessary to completely demolish the space and construct new, larger volume in its place.

3.    Partial demolition of the parish hall and classroom wings will be required to provide circulation space for a larger worship space.

4.    Altogether it would be necessary to demolish 50 percent or more of the existing building before new construction could begin.

Based on the findings, the building committee concluded that it is much cheaper and more practical to build a new church rather than expand or renovate the existing one.

On the 13th of April 2010 the proposal of building a new church for St. peter’s parish was presented to the faithful and the plan was strongly supported by the parishioners. And on April 15th , 2010 Msgr. Samson, in the name of the parish, sent a letter to his Grace, Most Reverend Archibishop James Weisgerber, D.D., asking for his approval to go ahead with the next phase of the mission.


The new church will be bigger and functional structure that would accommodate the growing number of parishioners and the needs of the different parish ministries. With God’s grace, we believe that with your help we can realize our dream of a new church. Please offer your time, talent, and treasure generously for this mission.

On this Rock

Find out more by visiting On This Rock website.

Let us make another milestone in our parish history. Your commitment and support will give a huge impact in fulfilling our God-given mission to build a new church for St. Peter's Parish.

  • Father, let them be one just as you and I are one.

    John 17:21

  • For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    Jer 29:11

  • And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

    Rom 8:28

  • I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

    Phil 4:13

  • In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

    Gen 1:1